read it some where that '' when we engage in something which is naturally suited to do,our work takes on the quality of play & its play which stimulates creativity...!! and i guess its very true, when we enjoy what we do theres different kind of satisfaction. even a tiny piece of art which u've painted can give you a pleasure & feeling of accomplishment this blog is my idea of being in touch with all those people who share the same kind of thoughts, have a passion to create what they visualise.....!! below are some of my work( paintings) stop by & take a look..! .

Saturday, September 25, 2010

PRIDE !!!!!!!!

The force of gravity versus the aspiration of perfection. Only women with strength and will can hold on to these earnings. This was the face of rural India simple yet beautiful with character. How easily women of rural India could take on daunting tasks is my expression through this painting....!

thanx chandrika for sharing this picture & rest of them from your adventures Gujrat trip.this one talked volumes to me & felt like trying my paint & brush..



  1. Very beautifully done. I like your expression along with the painting! Keep going... Love it.
    How big is this painting?

  2. thanx prerna,im glad you liked it.! its not that big just the usual size..dimensions are
    10''inch by 11 1/2''inch
    with frame
    16''inch by 18''inch..

  3. Thats a good size.. wonder how long it took to paint it! I saw you on Art Blogs 4 U also. I liked how you framed it, did you do it yourself too?

  4. yes recently i got listed too. no i did not frame it,i had an old painting which i never liked so then i had got it framed still it was not what i wanted,so i applied Gesso over it & painted this one..took four days.

  5. That is awesome and the way you related it to the woman power is most appropriate!

  6. beautiful painting and i love the title of this post.....yes Pride we ladies have that in our blood...


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