read it some where that '' when we engage in something which is naturally suited to do,our work takes on the quality of play & its play which stimulates creativity...!! and i guess its very true, when we enjoy what we do theres different kind of satisfaction. even a tiny piece of art which u've painted can give you a pleasure & feeling of accomplishment this blog is my idea of being in touch with all those people who share the same kind of thoughts, have a passion to create what they visualise.....!! below are some of my work( paintings) stop by & take a look..! .

Sunday, October 10, 2010

stained glass..

festivals around the corner & im going on a long vacation...;)
  Wish you all a wonderful & funfilled time with your family & friends...
        below is one of the stained glass  painting i made some time back ,thought it'll go well with my greeting message...........

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sea Shell in murky swamp....

                                                                 sheet size : A4
                                                 medium :  watercolors

 today was exceptionally great ' weather wise.! first shower of fall with windy day....compared to last weeks three digit temprature the drip was sure a welcome..anyways enough of weather news, just loved it & felt like painting just something any thing..& came up with this imaginary painting , i dint paid much attention to proportions as it felt right with Sea Shell becoming the focal point .

Saturday, September 25, 2010

PRIDE !!!!!!!!

The force of gravity versus the aspiration of perfection. Only women with strength and will can hold on to these earnings. This was the face of rural India simple yet beautiful with character. How easily women of rural India could take on daunting tasks is my expression through this painting....!

thanx chandrika for sharing this picture & rest of them from your adventures Gujrat trip.this one talked volumes to me & felt like trying my paint & brush..


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Abstract...rock formation

have you noticed rocks ''the giant ones' how they form ,each one has some special feature or the shape....some of them look so well sculpted..being here in Arizona i see cactus & rocks all rocks, giant
  i took reference for this one from a picture my friend took while camping in lake Powell...shot is taken in a narrow canyon  botton to top..flash light  off , sunlight streaming from above  making top  lighter then the two shades to the picture..! ( oil on canvas)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Green Phoenix...!!!!!!!!!

Well here im with another painting.. i saw the picture of their primary area in my daughter's school's web page..!  it instantly caught my attention...reason, obviously shot was well taken, then (1) it looked so nice and refreshing to! (2) then the new addition to their playground 'slide' which my daughter keeps chatting about...
   anyways, i guess i just liked it & wanted to paint..

Green Phoenix...!!!!!!!!!

another view of the same painting..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

my lil ballerina...!!!

since my daughter started ballet classes this summers , living room has turned into a full time rehearsal stage..! its fun  to watch her twirl & leap & then i thought why not try sketching her moves..

Friday, July 30, 2010

oil on canvas...!!

all time fav......floral..

Watercolors on marble.....

i started this with an idea of trying somthing different from the usual.& my friend was putting up art exhibition. & wanted some extra pieces so the thought of painting on marbel came. its bit tricky while painting , but the outcome is very satisfying......

Traditional India...!!

I like to call it messy-mess, as its so simple just little bit of thinking & you get beautiful piece of art.!this work is done with some ceramic clay & artifacts & final touches with varnish....

Lady in red..!!

i loved painting this one as its always fun to work with oil piaints.. while on my road trip i clicked few picture of tribal people back home  i started painting & ended up with this one..