read it some where that '' when we engage in something which is naturally suited to do,our work takes on the quality of play & its play which stimulates creativity...!! and i guess its very true, when we enjoy what we do theres different kind of satisfaction. even a tiny piece of art which u've painted can give you a pleasure & feeling of accomplishment this blog is my idea of being in touch with all those people who share the same kind of thoughts, have a passion to create what they visualise.....!! below are some of my work( paintings) stop by & take a look..! .

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lake Placid....

Its been long time since i last painted or posted something.. well no excuses for that..;)) i guess u can only paint when you really want ! though i've been dropping & checking all the latest post every now & then from other bloggers i follow.. trust me looking at each of their  beautiful work inspired me to come up with something new.

                                                Oil On Canvas           
                                                     11 1/2'' inches  by 13'' inch.

 my painting is an inspiration from a picture i saw long time back, and after so many years i just felt like painting it with what ever was etched in my memory. i rememberd it all that long as some how the feel of it was so soothing..placid...journey to a far away land.............!!


  1. welcome back Shraddha! Nice that you started back and with very nice memories of travelling far away land! The painting has come out very nice!

  2. thanx for such prompt response.glad you liked it. looking fwrd to see more of your palette knife works.:)

  3. A lovely story is visible when you look at this art Shraddha.. hope she will soon meet whom is she looking for, seems like she has traveled alone for some time now :-)

  4. thanx a lot for dropping by. isn't it fun to dwell stories out of an art piece. well i guess shes found her companion ;)

  5. Your imagination has no limits... it reflect on your blog. .. great work.
    Fall in love with your paint, you will do better.

  6. Really like this painting. The colours are beautiful.


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